Thursday, September 04, 2008

The PCI Challenge

If you don't subscribe to Evan Schuman's e-newsletter, StorefrontBacktalk, you should -- even if you don't have a retail sales channel. Evan not only serves as journalist "of record" for retail technology, but is ahead of the pack with his outspoken opinions, which are relevant to all multi-channel merchants.

Case in point -- see his "PCI’s Fatal Flaw: Protecting Only Payment-Related Systems,"and be sure to read the comment from "A Reader" (Sept. 4, 3:11 PM), who concludes that "due to numerous retailer complaints that the PCI DSS restrictions were too onerous, the PCI caved in and allowed retailers to get away with these slipshod solutions. As a result, we are now stuck in a 'patch, attack, revise PCI DSS, patch, attack, revise PCI DSS' loop. It would have been far cheaper for us all to have done it right once up front."

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