Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manhattan Updates System for 3PLs

Manhattan Associates, Inc. has announced the updated release of Extended Enterprise Management (EEM), featuring instant visibility for Third-Party Logistics providers (3PLs) to manage orders, shipments and inventory. and to consolidate transport of inventory by managing partner-to-partner shipping and provide their hubs with the ability to complete direct fulfillment.

"EEM specifically supports our 3PL customers by providing cross-docking and flow-through support that allows 3PLs to play a key role in the 'pop-up' supply chain—-a philosophy that allows retailers and manufacturers to dynamically adjust their transportation and inventory networks to meet changing seasons or trends," said Eddie Capel, executive vice president for product management and customer support, Manhattan Associates. "This capability is seamless due to the visibility EEM provides, along with the capability to make quick decisions should an unexpected event occur anytime during the movement of goods."

Features and enhancements of Manhattan EEM include:

* A centralized, browser-based solution allowing 3PLs to manage order fulfillment and automate communications with customers;
* End-to-end visibility of orders, shipments and inventory from sourcing to cargo delivery;
* A single, consistent, real-time view of the entire global supply chain for greater inventory control and optimal fulfillment channels;
* Ability to track and monitor supply chain events in real time and respond immediately based on alerts to critical exception events, which may threaten the ability to meet customer commitments;
* Ability to reduce transportation costs by leveraging optimal equipment utilization.

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