Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Training Course on PCI Compliance

The PCI Security Standards Council is offering a two-day training course in Chicago, April 6-7.

The course is based directly on the PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) training program. Attendees will learn what the QSAs learn so they can better prepare for an on-site PCI DSS assessment or perform the assessment internally. This is not a certification course.

The course will cover: an overview of the PCI Program, Scoping a PCI DSS Assessment, PCI DSS v1.2 Requirements, and Compensating Controls.

In addition to the QSA training materials, the Standards training course will also cover how to develop an internal PCI DSS compliance program to sustain PCI compliance after the on-site assessment is complete. The PCI DSS Compliance module will discuss how to develop an internal compliance program, sustain PCI DSS compliance and discuss security best practices outside of PCI DSS to improve the merchants overall security program.

For further information, see PCI Training Course.

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