Friday, April 24, 2009

Datamann Becomes Morse Data Reseller

Datamann, Inc., a provider of integrated data management solutions for multi-channel marketers and the MOSP order management solution, and Morse Data Corporation, a provider of enterprise management systems for multi-channel merchants, third-party fulfillment companies and publishers, have announced that Datamann has become an authorized reseller of Morse Data’s InOrder enterprise management software.

Datamann will make InOrder available to smaller companies and offer users of Datamann’s legacy MOSP (Mail Order Software Plus) order management solution an upgrade path to SQL-based order management solution. Additionally, because Datamann is also an authorized reseller of Radiant Systems CounterPoint point-of-sale (POS) software, Datamann will integrate CounterPoint SQL’s functionality with that of InOrder for InOrder users who wish to expand their retail operations.

Datamann Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer William Mann said the Datamann-Morse Data partnership gives his company new ways to help businesses grow. “For example,” Mann said, “when InOrder catalog and e-commerce customers wish to add retail operations, we’ll integrate the point-of-sale capabilities of CounterPoint software with the catalog fulfillment, phone order management and website functionality of InOrder software. And as our customers wish to migrate from MOSP to a Windows-based solution and all the benefits that come with using a SQL database, we can provide a seamless upgrade to InOrder. It’s a great combination to please customers and control costs.”

Morse Data Founder and Chief Executive Officer James Morse said the agreement with Datamann is a win-win solution for all parties. “We welcome the opportunity to serve Datamann’s MOSP and CounterPoint customers,” Morse said. “InOrder offers Datamann’s customers a contemporary software solution while allowing them to be converted, implemented and supported by the Datamann team, with whom they are comfortable and familiar,” Morse said. “In addition, in the past we have had a size threshold for the companies we could serve. Datamann is reducing that threshold to only four or five users, making it possible for small businesses to obtain the enterprise management software they need to grow.”

To assist Datamann in the early stages of the relationship, Morse Data is sharing the management of data conversion, implementation and training for Datamann’s InOrder customers. Ultimately, Datamann will manage all phases of the sales, deployment and configuration process, including ongoing customer support.

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