Saturday, February 12, 2011

ECMOD Rebrands

As far as I know, there was no formal announcement or press release (I could be wrong...), but ECMOD, formerly "European Catalogue and Mail Order Days," the venerable direct commerce show that has been going strong for nearly two decades, has very cleverly rebranded itself as "Every Channel: Mastered, Optimised, Delivered."

And a good thing, too. It never was much of a "European" show, to begin with, although there was a sprinkling of participants and exhibitors from the Continent. And the "Catalogue and Mail Order" label was no longer a compelling draw. Besides, the show has been quite multichannel for the last few years.

So congratulations to Jane Revell-Higgens and her crackerjack team of hardworking associates for repositioning the conference so brilliantly, and good luck to the show in its brand new venue this year at The Business Design Centre in Islington on 30th November – 1st December, one of London's most stylish conference and exhibition locations with a barrel-vaulted roof offering natural light to the Exhibition Hall. I'm looking forward to being there and participating with the "old gang" and the newbies who always add a dash of spice to the dish.

Some might wonder about the timing of the show, since it's a busy holiday season for most multichannel merchants. But if you think about it, anyone considering new marketing methods, strategies or systems really can't wait until the first quarter of the new year if they want to do it right. They have to start planning before then, so that their project can get going in high gear as soon as the new year launches. In its own way, the timing is perfect.

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