Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mCommerce: A Hard-Headed Look

The New York Times takes a hard-headed look at mCommerce: Retailers Retool Sites to Ease Mobile Shopping. It's a good summary of the plusses, minuses, and elements that need special attention, such as payment options. But Hipmunk's option to handle payments later by emailing a link or generating a secret password to enter later on a computer seems a bit lame, like a dangling participle. If you want to read a true success story in mCommerce, take a look at eBay Leads Mobile Commerce.

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Merchant Services said...

eCommerce will soon be dominated by mCommerce. I wonder what comes after mCommerce... Anyway I don't agree with the payment option suggested by Hipmunk as well. Mobile shopping are preferred by most people because it is handy and convenient. If the customer would have to checkout through a computer, why would he have to use his phone to access the site in the first place?


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