Sunday, September 15, 2013

Customer Feedback

Tony Marchese of Morse Data, vendor of the InOrder OMS, writes on the InOrder Innovation email newsletter about Giving Shoppers What They Expect With Customer Feedback -- and provides detailed exanples, as shown below.

This issue of InOrder InOvation features details about one of our latest software updates, which we're very excited about!

Interact with your customers and keep them involved in the shopping experience with the InOrder Web Customer Feedback module. This new module adds a social aspect to your website that keeps your customers engaged with feedback about your products and services, comments, questions and answers.

Reviews add value to your website, and shoppers expect them. They want to know what they're buying before they buy it. They want to know if they'll like a product, how it works, and what others think about it. They also want to know about you. They look for opinions before they shop, while they're shopping, and they tell others all about the product and their shopping experience.

Customers can rate and evaluate your products, and readers can add comments. You can encourage questions and answers, reply to feedback, answer questions, or add comments to a thread. You can approve and edit reviews and comments before publishing them because you have full control over all feedback.

Use this menu-driven module to define your own feedback pages for your customers. For example, "Q&A," "Share Your Expertise," "Installation Experience," "Recipes," or even general "Community" or "Events" sharing pages.

Customer feedback builds customer confidence and trust, and you can use it to improve your customer service with responses. Returns are reduced because customers know what to expect after reading reviews. Why not let your website be the one shoppers go to for trusted information and final purchase?

Clicking the name of a reviewer displays all reviews by that person with an average rating. This average rating applies to the subject, and can be provided for a user, a product, or a hierarchy.

Readers may indicate whether or not a review is helpful with custom buttons. Votes for helpful reviews are accumulated and counted for sorting by the most helpful, least helpful, low to high, and high to low. Ratings may also be sorted by most recent, newest rating, and oldest rating.

The InOrder Customer Feedback Module can be used with the InOrder Email Communications Enhancement to increase customer participation. You can thank your customers for their purchases, send personalized Email to follow-up on orders, and invite them to rate the products they purchased or comment on existing reviews. This cutting-edge module integrates with customer service to view customer feedback, with Merchandising to view SKU feedback while working with your product database, and with Contact Management to view feedback in customer timelines.

When shoppers search for reviews and find your website in their search results, your website has a better chance of being seen. Add content and increase traffic to your website with the InOrder Web Customer Feedback module.

For more information about any of these features, call 1-888-667-7332 or send email to

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