Monday, January 21, 2008

CoLinear Acquired By Weaver Tech Group

CoLinear Systems, Inc. of Marietta, GA, vendor of the RESPONSE order management solution, has announced that Weaver Technology Group (WTG) has acquired all of the outstanding shares of CoLinear Systems stock from its Founder & CEO, Lloyd Merriam. Scott Weaver, CoLinear's acting VP-Development and a principal of WTG, also assumes the role of President and CEO effective immediately.

Weaver, who joined CoLinear in 1996 as a Junior Programmer, quickly rose through the ranks to become CoLinear's highest-ranking developer in 1999, at which time he led the initiative to re-architect the flagship RESPONSE product for the Windows/SQL platform.

Merriam, CoLinear's Founder and former CEO, will continue to work closely with the company through a strategic partnership agreement which includes management consulting, sales, and cooperative marketing between CoLinear and Deltalytics, Inc. which was founded by Merriam in 2007 to create and deliver low-cost customer analytics software and services to the small business market [see separate posting earlier on Deltalytics].

"As much as I have enjoyed building CoLinear and working with the most wonderful clients and partners a vendor could ever hope for, after 23 years I felt the need to explore something new and different, namely, customer behavior analytics," said Merriam.

"Although Scott's technical prowess and legendary productivity are widely known, few realize the extent and depth of his executive skills," Merriam added. "Much more than just up to the current challenge, Scott's keen vision and total commitment to dramatically enhance the RESPONSE software is light-years ahead of what I could have done. The future of CoLinear, I believe, is better served under his leadership, drive and unwavering resolve," Merriam concluded.

"I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that problems I solve help businesses function more effectively, efficiently and at a lower cost," stated Weaver. "Taking control of CoLinear, its products, and related services, permits me to have an even greater impact on not only the operations of the many businesses we serve, but also the rapidly evolving direct commerce industry as a whole. I’m pleased that Lloyd will continue to share his insight and expertise as we move forward, and I look forward to growing on the solid foundation he built."

Added Weaver, "The RESPONSE product is the cornerstone of this agenda which I’m excited and firmly committed to making more powerful and easier to use while leveraging its configurable nature to improve virtually any business which sells product through any of the direct channels."

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