Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ecometry Version 10

Escalate Retail has announced the following enhancements in Version 10.0 of Ecometry Commerce Suite, its flagship multichannel order management solution.

Enhanced Discounting Capabilities
Historically, Ecometry has managed all marketing promotions through Offers. This new enhancement is a change to that premise and will allow you to apply special marketing events for special shipping, discounts, and/or products to orders regardless of the Offer code. These marketing events can be qualified by company/division, ship method, pay method, and/or membership status.

Product Cost and Price Maintenance by Percent

This new Pricing/Costing module enables you to maintain vendor costs and offer product prices based on a specified percent of products price. Additionally, you can group products together by a brand, price group, or cost group enter and update the price and/or cost percents more efficiently.

Inventory Sharing
It will now be possible to pick and choose which companies and divisions have the option to sell items. This will eliminate the requirement of linking an item to either one company/division or having it shared.

Customization Filters

For those using customization within Ecometry, there has always been a need to build a response list (instead of just the blank fields) that would assist in the completion of a product’s customization input; therefore, Escalate Retail is providing a new response list functionality in the Customization set-up screens. This enhancement will allow for a faster as well as a more accurate order entry process.

One-Time-Only Offer
Ecometry now allows you to offer a “one time only” promotion, which, when used during Order Entry, is validated against a buyer’s source code to ensure it has not been used on previous orders.

Promotional Insert Program
Flexibility has also been added in the ability to insert promotional products and/or order comments during Order Processing based on a large range of qualifying criteria options (offers, prices, number of orders, pay type, order type, customer type, and more), based on tables created in the new Promotional Insert Program module.

Company and Division Sort for GL Report

The Product Sales and Product Returns Balance reports now include the option to sort and subtotal Company and Division that owns the inventory reported.

Multiple Credit Cards for Batch Entry
Batch Order now permits you to use the multiple credit card pay method (MX), with up to three credit cards per order.

Suppress Prices on Collates
You can now suppress prices on all collates (pick/pack slips), including reprinted collates and collate extracts.

Affiliate Marketing by Division and Membership Status
You can now offer Affiliate Marketing programs within a specific Company and Division combination or across Company and Division combinations. Additionally, you can now restrict Affiliate Marketing program offerings based on a customer’s membership status.

RBS Lynk- Royal Bank of Scotland
This enhancement enables the processing of credit cards through the vendor RBS Lynk for Classic View Order Management, ESM Order Management, Ecometry Online, and Batch Order, using the Ecometry Credit Card Portal (CC Portal). The interface with RBS Lynk is made through a secure HTTP URL for both batch file transmission and online authorization.

Optional Modules:

WMS Interface
A new WMS alternate product number enables Ecometry to store a custom product number for each product and pass this product number to the WMS Interface in lieu of the Ecometry product number. In addition, a new Exchange Flag & Return is now available that enables you to pass non-RA Exchange returns through the WMS XML interface.

Inline Shipping

New functionality within this module allows for a truck ID to be passed to Ecometry from the automated shipping station.

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