Thursday, June 26, 2008

Natural Order Vers. 9 Enhancements

Natural Solutions has announced the following enhancements to Natural Order, its flagship direct commerce order management and fulfillment application:

Third-party Interfaces:
* Commerce V3 – Shopping Cart import, product information export, product availability export
* Auric Systems International
* Trevance Interface for batch and on-line processing
* CN!Express Interface for batch and on-line processing

Version 9 Enhancements:
* Credit Card encryption using strong native Microsoft SQL encryption techniques (Triple DES, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256)
* Order Import - more formats: CSV, tab-delimited, fixed record
* Order Import can be called by other programs, with email of success or failure information
* Fact Sheet - easy Order Entry access to a Word Document, webpage, PDF file, etc. - used to describe a product
* Automated email templates for Order Confirmation, Order Shipped, Credit Card declined
* Expansion to Purchasing Information screen to include:
- Product Sales
- Returns
* Product Group Discount Schemes - BOGO, buy 3 on this group of items and get free shipping, and similar marketing techniques
* By security user group, allow/disallow specific payment methods, shippers, order comment types, order hold codes
* Ranking - user-defined ranking (A/B/C) technique for rating products by sales
* Allow or disallow display of substitute when the substitute is out of stock
* Gift Recipient Messages can be pre-defined for easy selection of common phrases (such as Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays)
* Pick Batch History
* Additional searches for products by SKU alternates, Catalog Aliases, Keywords, Product Types (and Ranking)
* New import for Gift Recipient Lists
* Assemblies can now be modified (different components), with history log
* Add-Ons can be associated with their "parent"; i.e., a chocolate sundae has an optional add-on of a cherry on top - so, if the destination and/or shipper of the parent is changed, the add-on will also change; if the parent is removed, the add-on can be automatically removed as well
* Enhanced bulk to pickable replenishment for case quantity movement
* Enhanced SKU order replacement

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