Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Elucid and PCI Compliance

Healthspan, the UK's leading home shopping supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements, are the latest Sanderson customer to benefit from the Elucid Card Payment Module to securely process all electronic payments for multiple sales channels, including web, mail order, telesales and retail in accordance with the Data Security Standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS).

Sanderson has worked with partners Commidea and CyberSource to help ensure its Elucid users can become PCI-compliant. This ensures businesses are able to avoid the risk of penalties such as fines or trading restrictions, which can be applied by the major card providers where a breach of the standards occurs. Such punishments can clearly affect the ability of a company to do business, having a major impact on income, cash-flow and customer service - therefore making compliance imperative.

Guarding against fraud also helps protect the brand from the risks associated with a security breach. In an age of consumer choice, protecting a business from credit card fraud is also protecting the brand from the detrimental effects of bad publicity.

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