Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Truition Offers CMS Upgrade

Truition Inc., a leading provider of hosted eCommerce solutions, has announced Version 5.0 of CMS – its "Commerce Management System" for Retailers and Direct-to-Consumer Manufacturers.

New Store Management features give more control to merchants, enabling them to maintain the design and layout of their eCommerce sites while providing advanced preview and approval workflows. New Gift Certificate features and Store Credit functions will let Truition's online retailers tap into the growing popularity of Gift Cards and provide better tools for customer retention and loyalty.

Customers using Fluid Experience™ advanced rich media product display technologies will also have better integration between CMS inventory management and Fluid's display management tools.

Version 5.0 includes an object-based store content management system giving merchants more control of their site design and layout and to schedule when site changes occur. There are preview options that let them display their storefront as it would exist at some point in the future, or look at how it used to be in the past.

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