Friday, October 17, 2008

More Omniture News

Omniture has announced The Omniture Developer Connection, a community Website designed to help users build applications that make use of their Omniture data. See

The Developer Connection allows Omniture users to:
  • Use Omniture SiteCatalyst data across third-party applications, such as an intranet or a company-branded application
  • Access SiteCatalyst reporting data to create calculated metrics, or format the data to meet specific internal needs
  • Use the data collection API to facilitate the integration of SiteCatalyst with applications that cannot be easily tagged with JavaScript

In addition, Omniture Developer Connection contains:
  • Documentation of Omniture's application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Sample code showing reference implementations to give developers a head-start in developing their own applications
  • Discussion boards and blogs to provide peer-to-peer support among those building Omniture-driven applications

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