Tuesday, February 03, 2009

E-Mail Marketing Alert Service

According to Ken Magill, Direct Magazine's e-mail marketing guru and resident curmudgeon, "Email Data Source has unveiled a new service that allows its clients to set alerts that will tell them, among other things, when competitors and others send commercial e-mail containing words and phrases they choose to monitor.

"Modeled after Google Alerts, the service allows Email Data Source’s clients, for example, to be alerted when commercial e-mail containing references to their brands or, say, free shipping offers, going out from other senders.

"According to Bill McCloskey, chief executive of Email Data Source, the new alert service also allows commercial e-mailers to see who is sending e-mail from single and ranges of IP addresses.

"McCloskey said marketers should find IP address alerts particularly useful. Criminal spammers often move from IP address to IP address. In order to combat this tactic, anti-spam blacklists will list entire ranges of IP addresses to be blocked.

"As a result, marketers who have unwittingly found themselves with an IP address in the same range as a spammer have found their mail servers blacklisted.

"Email Data Source’s new alert service allows marketers to monitor the activity of the range of IP addresses they share with other mailers, according to McCloskey.

'You can now monitor an entire block of IP addresses and see everybody who’s e-mailing around you,' said McCloskey.

"The service also allows marketers to monitor e-mail containing specific keywords and phrases sent from specific domains.

"The company is offering one alert free for prospects to try the service out and five alerts for $100 a month, said McCloskey."

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