Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OrderMotion Introduces OMX

OrderMotion, Inc., one of the original providers of hosted order management solutions for mid-market online merchants, today announced the immediate availability of its new order management service, OMX.

The company solicited input from users on its online IdeaExchange site in producing OMX.

"OMX represents a major step forward in order management technology, combining a robust SaaS-based order processing engine with easy access to real-time visual metrics," said Marty Fahey, Chief Executive Officer of OrderMotion. "OMX enables merchants to make operational decisions that are often the difference between profit and loss in their businesses."

OMX highlights critical information and trends in item, order and customer data within a merchant's database and presents it in visual dashboard displays. Customizable widgets are housed in the dashboards, enabling merchants to better manage role-based workflow, from marketing and merchandising tasks to accounting, customer service and warehousing, according to the company.

We are told that the pricing basis for OMX is based on a percentage of revenues, instead of the per-transaction fees charged for the original OrderMotion product.


David P Himes said...

OrderMotion quoted me a fee of 1% of net sales for OMX, which for my client made it the most expensive solution -- by a factor of 3x to 6x over some competitors

Ernie Schell said...

I've been hearing the same thing.

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