Thursday, June 11, 2009

Retailers Appeal for PCI Changes

"Representatives of six of the largest retailer organizations sent a strongly-worded letter to the PCI Council on Tuesday, June 9," reports Storefront Backtalk, requesting several major changes to PCI to make compliance easier, but the PCI Council issued only a very non-committal response.

The letter to the Council supported an end-to-end-encryption standard, sought more input from retailers at an earlier stage, requested larger chains have more time to meet requirements, and suggested adherence to the most important elements of PCI rather than requiring compliance with every one of the "more than two hundred detailed requirements of the PCI DSS." They also want retailers to be able to store fewer pieces of sensitive data.

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I am completely in favor of end-to-end encryption, and will be working with a few select opinion-leaders in the direct commerce world to push for this approach to data security.

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