Thursday, January 28, 2010

Island Pacific Launches Island Pacific Direct

Irvine, CA-based Island Pacific, a division of 3Q Holdings, has announced Island Pacific Direct, designed to support the direct commerce channel in a multichannel merchant environment.

The system incorporates the following:

Automated Contact Management for the generation of automatic promotional contacts, running of simultaneous multiple promotional campaigns, and the ability to compare success rates for different campaigns, materials, contact sequences and schedules.

Marketing and Circulation Management, providing tools to help retailers capture customer names from multiple sources, discover purchasing preferences, and provide an enhanced shopping experience.

Customer Service and Order Processing, with flexible reporting capabilities to help customer service management quickly spot problem orders and products, and reduce errors with sophisticated auditing and analysis functions.

Fulfillment and Shipping to allow merchants to keep overhead and costs-per-order to a minimum. Orders can be allocated according to a variety of priorities.

Demand Forecasting that can help retailers control costs by improving cash management, reducing back-orders, increasing fill rates, and optimizing inventories. Extensive capability is provided for forecasting inventory requirements across multiple offers and channels.

Customer-Centric Order Entry with complete customer information, including lifetime purchase history, previous ship-to’s and specific product preferences always available to enhance customer relations. Features include multiple ship-to locations, multiple payment options, real-time stock availability, and detailed product information, including upsell and cross-sell messaging.

A Supplier Portal where merchants and their vendors can communicate quickly and efficiently concerning order management, returns, and invoicing, allowing accurate and timely payments, reducing order queries, and minimizing both delivery and invoicing issues.

With seamless Integration with the overall Island Pacific platform, Direct creating a comprehensive solution for managing a multichannel business.

Jay Fisher, Island Pacific’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “Our customers now have the ability to operate a multichannel business with one integrated solution. Island Pacific Direct brings to the consumer direct channel the same robust functionality and low cost of ownership they’ve come to expect from Island Pacific.”

The system is built on the highly regarded Marketplace Solutions application that Jay developed in the 1990s. In the next few months the system will be ported to an Ajax-enabled Web 2.0 platform and converted to a browser interface. We'll update you when that happens.

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