Monday, January 18, 2010 Adds iPhone App

According to Internet Retailer: Inc. is launching a fully transactional iPhone app to reach the ever-increasing number of iPhone users coming to its eCommerce site. The app expands the e-tailer's mobile channel, which includes an 18-month-old mCommerce site,, and a text messaging program.

The app, built in-house, features large graphical pages, shop by department, product detail pages with links to comprehensive product descriptions and customer reviews, and the ability to share product pages with friends and family via e-mail.

The checkout process is facilitated by enabling registered customers to log in using their eCommerce credentials so they can use payment and shipping information stored in their accounts.

The highlight of the app, says Overstock, is its Lott-O lottery game. A mobile shopper wipes his finger across the screen to "scratch" away the surface to see if he won a prize. The e-tailer says shoppers are almost certain to at least win free shipping, and some will receive discounts. Shoppers can play Lott-O once a day.

According to CEO Patrick Byrne, mCommerce is alive, well, and growing. Unlike traditional eCommerce, where customers may be searching for bargains, mCommerce is more brand-centric. Mobile shoppers are going to go to their favorite retailers, and having a mobile app is critical to success in that space

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