Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TouchCodes Compete With QR Codes

LAPTOP reports that while loading data from a QR code "requires activating a camera app on a phone or tablet, turning your device around, shooting a picture, and then waiting for the appropriate app to interpret the code." there is now a new technology developed by German startup Printechnologics that "promises to change all that, allowing you to unlock exclusive content in apps or web pages by simply touching printed materials like business cards or packages to your screen."

Called "Touchcode," it works by "embedding a thin layer of capacitive material in printed items like business cards, tickets, magazine pages, or product packaging. When you hold the paper to a capacitive touch screen, it acts like a set of invisible fingers tapping out a complex code that’s interpreted by a Touchcode-enabled app or website. Though the app should run on any multitouch-enabled, capacitive screen, it works best with panels that support at least 5-points of touch input. Like QR codes, Touchcodes can be used for launching web pages, enabling coupon codes, event ticketing, or even mobile payments."

LAPTOP reports that printers can license the technology and add the Touchcode layer to their production processes at a projected cost of less than a penny per unit printed.

For examples of Touchcode applications, see the LAPTOP article.

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