Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GameQuestDirect Implements GoECart 360

GoECart reports that one of its clients, video game retailer GameQuestDirect.com, has successfully replaced multiple operations systems with the company's all-in-one eCommerce suite GoECart 360.
Until implementing GoECart, GameQuestDirect used three systems to run its multi-channel retail operation: a stand-alone eCommerce solution, an independent Order Management System (OMS), and a separate shipping system. 

Since switching to GoECart, GameQuestDirect has lowered its costs by 60% while increasing order volume by 40%. 

GameQuestDirect boasts the "world's largest selection" of new and rare video games online with more than 10,000 titles for all leading game consoles. In addition to selling via its own Website, the company also sells its products through 15+ online marketplaces including Amazon.com, eBay, and Buy.com.

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