Sunday, April 14, 2013

Order Motion Releases OMX 4.0

OrderMotion Inc., a leading cloud-based solution provider, has launched OMX 4.0, which offers new enhancements to its Order Management Solution, including dynamic kit capabilities.

Users can now customize and personalize marketing kits and offers to deliver a more personal and distinct buying experience.

With OMX 4.0, retailers are able to offer their customers the ability to order swappable items and customized items to further enhance their online shopping experience.  Continuity programs can also be customized with each shipment, providing merchandisers and marketers a dynamic and engaging process for customers.

In addition, new functionality allows Customer Service Reps (CSRs) to upsell and cross-sell new items through a “Resize” feature. Another key feature is the enhanced “Surprise and Delight” capability that allow custom configuration of standing orders to include a free gift to a customer by customer type or with a specified shipment by order number as part of a continuity program or a special offer.

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