Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FirstSpirit brings full CMS functionality to Demandware

Content Management System FirstSpirit is the first CMS to be listed and fully certified in the Demandware Marketplace.

According to FirstSpirit, "Consumers increasingly tune out traditional, intrusive advertising, but they tune in to the genuine customer-focused information delivered by content marketing programs.
While content marketing can take many forms, it’s critical to not overlook one of the most important channels: the point of sale. It’s not enough to just list item sizes and prices on an ecommerce site anymore. Consumers expect to see stories and useful content side-by-side with products."

FirstSpirit quickly creates "compelling and attractive content while Demandware provides a powerful omni-channel commerce platform."

Create more content in less time
FirstSpirit CMS integrated with the Demandware Commerce platform gives editors the creative freedom and usability benefits of a CMS without forcing them to jump from system to system. Time-saving features for content creation include:
  • Live preview of both online store and other content elements merged together
  • Intuitive user interface with WYSIWYG editing
  • Full-featured media asset management with built-in editing tools
  • Tools for maintaining website structure and navigation
  • Graphical workflows to streamline content development processes
FirstSpirit supports formats such as HTML, XML and PDF through content marketing channels such as eNewsletters, custom landing pages, print and social media as well as smartphones and tablets. FirstSpirit also supports Demandware online stores on a global basis with multilingual support and translation management workflows.

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