Saturday, October 26, 2013

MailWare Poses the "Clearly" Challenge

Mailware recently sent out the following email: 

"Mailware has served the needs of our customers for 18 years and will continue to do so. Thousands of Mailware customers manage and ship orders, maintain inventory and serve customers using our Windows-based system.

"Cleerly is [our proposed] cloud-based multi-channel manager, order and shipping system and inventory manager. Because it is in the cloud it is agnostic (you can run it on practically any platform - Mac, PC, tablet, even a smart phone). It is priced as a monthly subscription to put it in reach of every business. And it is powerful. True multi channel management including inventory updates, shipping label printing, customer notifications and an easy to use interface means everyone can provide a transparent, professional and quick experience for their customers.

"Cleerly is fully written and ready to go. But we still have work to do. Your feedback is critical to Cleerly's growth and ongoing success. To make that possible Core Technologies is hiring additional programmers and technical support staff. We will also be announcing Cleerly with ads and forum postings. That takes capital" -- which they might be able to raise if you vote in favor of the new platform HERE.

Why not?! Go for it!

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