Friday, October 03, 2014

MarketLive Offers Cloud-based Transaction Processing Platform via Amazon Web Services

Online commerce platform MarketLive has announced mCloud, a hosted database and online transaction processing engine based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). After extensive pilot testing, MarketLive is offering the AWS infrastructure for all customers. 
Some of the benefits of mCloud on AWS include:
  • Auto-scaling — the ability to automatically increase capacity as traffic spikes during peak times
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery — provided at no additional cost to all customers
  • Real-time analytics of transaction data — allows retailers to monitor and constantly optimize their commerce
  • Global Commerce Expansion — AWS provides MarketLive with ability to rapidly expand into international markets.
In addition to global infrastructure, customers will benefit from redundancy capabilities.

"At both the technology and the service level, mCloud is one of our strongest offerings to date for our commerce customers," said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive. "We can continue to offer the highest performance levels, state of the art integration and security, and redundancy across all customers. In addition, we can help our customers rapidly expand into new international markets with minimal cost."

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