Monday, September 15, 2014

GoECart Partners with Kount for Fraud Protection

GoECart is putting an emphasis on security before the holiday season begins, as the eCommerce solution provider has announced a new partnership with Kount, a supplier of fraud protection and sales-boosting technology.

With this new partnership, GoECart merchants can take advantage of Kount’s fraud protection services at a discount and without any integration barriers. 

Although GoECart already offers secure, PCI-compliant and scalable solutions for B2C and B2B merchants, this new partnership adds another layer of protection, according to Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart. 

To provide its security services, Kount analyzes hundreds of relevant variables associated with online payment activities in real time worldwide. Kount uses this information to flag an order when components of the transaction appear suspicious, based on norms involving similar variables from other transactions. This minimizes the effort, time and volume of transactions merchants must manually review for suspected fraud.

“Public concern over fraud, data breaches and other cyber criminal activities continues to rise as millions of consumers have been exposed to identity theft, spurring online merchants to provide the best protection for themselves and the customers they serve.” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO Kount. “Our partnership with GoECart extends the reach of our technology to thousands of merchants through fully-integrated solutions. Together we share a common goal, to help online merchants succeed by boosting sales and reducing costs and losses, especially those caused by fraud.”

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sales Tax DataLINK Gets Patent for Sales Tax Filing and Analytics Solution

Sales Tax DataLINK in Bentonville, AK, has received one of only 15 sales tax-related patents ever issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for sales tax software known as its “System and Method for Tax Filing, Data Processing, Data Verification and Reconciliation.”

“Sales tax compliance becomes more sophisticated and complex every day, so businesses need new technologies to stay ahead of these challenges,” said Noel Hamm, CEO of Sales Tax DataLINK. “The new era of filing software needs to safeguard businesses and accounting firms that want to be certain their sales taxes are being collected and remitted in the most accurate way.”

 “Sales Tax DataLINK is first and foremost a tax-filing software company, producing a suite of sales and use tax tools that engage sales tax analytics,” Hamm said. “Our software brings an unprecedented visibility and patterning to your tax data that eliminates the error gap from invoicing to tax filing.”

The patent was awarded on the basis of innovative technology that gives companies the ability to evaluate the health of their sales tax systems and to make educated corrections resulting in more accurate tax filing each month, Hamm said. Other sales tax software, according to Hamm, merely populates forms with no means of automatically validating the numbers.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

TaxJar Handles Sales Taxes for Square Sellers

According to Website MagazineTaxJar, an online service that manages sales tax filing for eCommerce merchants, has announced that it has opened up its services to Square users.

The new integration lets merchants link their Square and TaxJar accounts so TaxJar can manage and report the merchant’s taxes to state and local authorities, saving sellers the time and effort of doing it themselves and helping to avoid missed deadlines and tabulation errors.

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