Friday, January 30, 2015

New Remote Sales Tax Simplification Bill Less Onerous Than MFA or State Initiatives

According to the American Catalog Mailers Association [all text is quoted from ACMA]: "Although some remote sellers would prefer to see the 1992 Quill v. North Dakota sales tax precedent remain intact indefinitely, last year nearly ushered in the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). If passed, it would have been devastating. Fortunately, ACMA – and the TruST coalition we cofounded – fought hard so that enough lawmakers realized the Senate-passed MFA would have disastrous effects – and the House did not act.

"Unfortunately, our assessment is that Quill won’t hold up for much longer. Furthermore, in the absence of clarifying federal legislation, states are becoming increasingly creative and aggressive, ushering in the potential for a patchwork of contradictory state laws with the need to fight a multi-front war. 

"ACMA’s position has been to deal with this reality, working to find the best way towards 'fairness.' Throughout the past year, TruST and ACMA worked closely with Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.-6th), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, on an MFA alternative. On January 12th, the Chairman began circulating adiscussion draft. You may prefer to read a section-by-section analysis the Chairman is also circulating. While not perfect, this bill is far better for catalogers than MFA.

Industry Must Step Up Now
"I’m coming to you for your support. When we launched TruST nearly three years ago, we received enough industry funding allowing TruST to stop the MFA freight train in favor of common sense. We used our contributions carefully, making them last twice as long as projected. We have now exhausted this money. Meanwhile, backed by Amazon and big-box retail, MFA proponents are gearing up to launch a new version of their flawed bill.

"Without your support, we can’t have continued success. So please go to ACMA’s Action Funds web page and make a significant donation today. Any amount you can muster will help. $25,000 or more will give you an (optional) seat on TruST’s steering committee."

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dydacomp Success Stories and Free Trial of MOM

Here's the latest on Dydacomp: two stories of customers that have realized success by automating their order and inventory management processes.
  1. You may know Out of the Box Publishing (OTB) by their popular board games like Word on the Street or Apples to Apples. This Dydacomp customer partnered with big box and online behemoths like Walmart, Target and Amazon to market its family games to a much broader audience. Through automation with Dydacomp’s M.O.M. solution, OTB not only gained 100-percent accuracy, but the assurance that shipments would arrive within their requested timeframe and avoid chargebacks. Read the whole story in a recent issue of STORES Magazine.
  2. The only way – fresh every day! That’s the promise at the Caroline Cookie Company, where gourmet cookies are always baked in the tradition of homemade Southern hospitality. Every Carolina Cookie is baked, packed and shipped by hand, because they know you wouldn’t have it any other way! Read the complete story to learn the details of how Dydacomp enables Carolina Cookie to track their multichannel orders, manage their diverse inventory, and efficiently ship their unique product, fresh the same day every day.
For a limited time Dydacomp is giving out a Free Trial of their software. To get started click the link below:
Free Trial
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