Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Avexxis Announces New Platform

Avexxis Corporation, Avon, CT, has announced a sweeping change to the company’s multi-channel order management and fulfillment software offerings, leveraging its 13 years of experience in the multichannel space, and implementing a variety of new products and services.

The company’s website at outlines three specific focus points of the company’s new suite of offerings:

1. Web store – Avexxis continues to interface with existing Web stores, but is now bringing a new eCommerce approach to market with a fully integrated Web solution. An ASP.NET Web store is tightly integrated with the Avexxis Commerce Server, the same server used to operate the company’s order management and retail functions. Extending this environment as the data repository and business rules processor for the web store eliminates the need for multiple databases, multiple points of entry and maintenance of information, as well as the need to reprogram business rules in multiple environments.

Additionally, full DIY customer service functions can be made available to end customers, which substantially eliminates costs in customer service and call center environments.

2. Products – Avexxis has formalized its Avexxis Professional offering, which is an "off the shelf" solution for the standard multi-channel marketer. This fully functional, "aggressively priced" package has a full suite of features, including integrated accounting.

The company’s Avexxis Enterprise package begins with Avexxis Professional as a foundation then extends the environment by deploying Adaptive Object Technology within the Avexxis Commerce Server. This yields a fully upgradable and supportable customized solution, which has been exercised for over 10 years with major companies such as Macy’s and Vermont Teddy Bear. Says Avexxis, "This core strength, coupled with the diverse call center and operations experience of Avexxis principal John Fink, provides the ability to deliver a system that fits a customer’s needs -- supportably, affordably, and fully able to be upgraded."

3. Infrastructure – Avexxis has expanded infrastructure options by not only supporting the traditional offerings of in-house customer servers, or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), but is also providing the best of both worlds with its Avexxis Managed Server (AMS) offering. While the AMS does reside at the client’s site, the minimal administration required for an Avexxis system is performed remotely by Avexxis. AMS delivers the cost advantage of an in-house licensed solution, and the convenience of SaaS without the overhead of IT staff.

Leigh Kendall, the newest principal of Avexxis, and an experienced .NET developer, says, "The ability to readily extend Avexxis’s established product offerings into these new infrastructure and product directions was a key factor in my decision to join the company. The flexibility, performance, and ease of development that we have been able to achieve is remarkable, and all on a single platform (the Avexxis Commerce Server)."

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