Wednesday, February 20, 2008

David Shepard Assocs. To Rep Alterian

Database firm Alterian has inked a deal with David Shepard Associates (DSA), a direct marketing and database consulting firm for DSA to offer Alterian's analysis, campaign planning, multi-channel execution, reporting and marketing operations capabilities for on-premises installation into marketers' offices.

DSA consultants will assist in the construction of the database at the end-user's site, and will provide on-going technical support, as well providing marketing program and marketing analytics support, as needed.

This platform gives the marketer an integrated set of applications built on top of a single data architecture and accessed through a single user interface or marketing portal. (Every application of the Alterian Marketing Services Platform shares data, business rules and assets across applications.)

The Alterian Marketing Services Platform consists of the following applications:

* Marketing Data Infrastructure & Management
* Data Mining: Visualization, Analysis & Modeling
* Campaign Planning and Design
* Campaign Optimization
* Multi Channel Execution
* Reporting and Accountability
* Marketing Operations

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