Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Miles Kimball Selects JunctionRES

Junction Solutions has announced that Miles Kimball Company, a recognized leader in the consumer catalog industry, has gone live with 600 users on JunctionRES, a retail enterprise solution built on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Established in 1935, MKC consists of numerous catalog titles each with its own niche. Owned by Blyth, Inc. a $1.5B provider of home decor and home fragrance products, MKC mails about 120 million catalogs annually.

Miles Kimball chose JunctionRES to better manage its warehouse management, order management, merchandising and marketing processes. JunctionRES is a comprehensive enterprise solution that offers catalog companies, direct marketers, retailers and eCommerce companies a way to manage the entire sales process on one fully integrated database.

“Within a week of going live on JunctionRES, we processed over 40,000 orders without any performance problems,” said Jeff Verhagen, CIO at Miles Kimball. “These orders were processed, picked and shipped with great results. We have seen immediate improvements in our business processes in many areas since going live with JunctionRES.”

“The implementation process at Miles Kimball has gone very well,” said Brian Homan, Director, JunctionRES. “We have run picking on over 16,000 orders at one time while all call center reps were on the phone with customers with no performance impact. The JunctionRES batch job architecture will blaze new trails in batch job processing.”

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