Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jagged Peak Offers AcroBoo Commerce

Manufacturers and Fortune 1000 companies looking to take advantage of the eCommerce channel often lack the expertise and the commitment of resources needed to launch and manage their own branded Website(s), despite the enormous potential for online sales from these sources.

To address this opportunity, Jagged Peak, the Tampa, FL-based full-service 3PL, developer of the EDGE order management system, and provider of specialized eCommerce platforms, has launched AcroBoo Commerce, which specializes in creating eStores for companies who can benefit from Jagged Peak's expertise in creating effective branded Websites for suppliers or manufacturers that are Search-optimized, customer-friendly, and Web 2.0-enabled.

They have also developed Brand Weasel, a service that provides online channel monitoring, pricing policy enforcement, and reputation management to help companies successfully sell their products in an exceedingly competitive, online marketplace. The Leegin Leather Supreme Court ruling in June 2007 gave manufacturers the power to enforce their MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) policies. While this was a victory for manufacturers in the fight against brand devaluation, most companies still do not have the internal resources or know-how to effectively monitor their online sales channel. Brand Weasel can do this for them, quickly and efficiently combatting brand threats with powerful enforcement workflow and case management capabilities.

AcroBoo has developed and hosted branded Websites such as TheLiteSource.com and sunglassesavantgarde.com, but it also hosts broad-line stores such as SurvivalistsOutfitter.com and its own specialty eStores, such as Just The Right Gun Light, Just the Right Power Tool, or Just the Right Safety Equipment, which can feature one or more brands within the category.

Manufacturer or suppliers of high quality products looking to expand their business will find AcroBoo a "one-stop shop" for tools and expertise needed to make an online sales channel successful.

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