Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ProfitCenter Launches Vers. 3.1

ProfitCenter Software Inc. (PCS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Systemax Inc. and a provider of Web-based software solutions for eCommerce and Order Management multi-channel direct marketing merchants, has announced their version 3.1 with a Campaign Engine imbedded into their eCommerce Platform and Order Management System.

This new module allows eCommerce and Multichannel marketers to accurately track their marketing "spend to revenue" using actual product cost, campaign pricing, and marketing expenditures.

Retailers also benefit by presenting a unified brand experience across all shopping channels, including automatic qualification and presentation of dollar-off, percentage-off, coupons, gifts and free or discounted BOGO assortment offers. Call center, eCommerce and even retail store registers recognize campaigns and eliminate the frustration that shoppers experience when trying to activate offers on opposing sales channels.

"It was essential for our clients to present a consistent campaign experience to their customers who may respond to a specific channel’s offer using an opposing channel," stated John Marrah, CEO of ProfitCenter Software. "We’ve been providing dynamic pricing on the Web for some time, but never fully replicated our complete list of Order Management campaigns to the Web channel until now."

Now print, email, search engine, affiliate, shopping engines and many more types of campaigns can be offered in one sales channel and automatically change to match an order on an opposing channel with:

- Percentage price discounts defined for order level or item level thresholds
- Buy One, Get One: free, from a selection, at a discount, etc.
- Shipping discounts based on order value, specific items or other
- Dollar off discounts assigned to a product group, category or brand
- Incentives, such as coupons, gift cards or auto insert items

Catalogs, DRTV, space ad and insert direct marketers also benefit. Orders can be entered into a retailer’s quick order Web form and the site dynamically changes to present the matching price, quantity breaks, auto insert gift, assortment of discount choices and more.

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