Thursday, September 17, 2009

Channel Intelligence Launching New Services

Channel Intelligence, Inc. (CI) will be unveiling several new marketing services for retailers and manufacturers at the upcoming Annual Summit in Las Vegas, Nev., September 21-23, 2009.

Among the new services are several resulting from the key assets recently acquired from VCommerce Corporation as well as new enterprise-level Paid Search and Online Display Advertising Solutions.

The Display Advertising Solution is a performance-based program designed to drive higher converting consumers to marketers' Websites via display ads on other Web properties. The solution lets advertisers target specific types of individuals or retarget previous customers via a variety of low-cost standard ad templates as well as customized ad creative services. It also makes available accurate performance metrics including sales lift via the company’s proprietary tracking technology TrueTag™.

In addition, a new enterprise-level Paid Search Solution will be on display in the CI booth at This service helps drive revenue growth through Paid Search by leveraging multi-variable rules, auto-optimization, and bid management.

Some of the recently acquired Vcommerce assets will be highlighted as a part of CI’s product portfolio: the eCommerce Storefront, Order Management and Fulfillment and Integration Solutions. On-site demos of the company’s BETA SellCast® Self Management portal will be available for retailers to show how they can use it to directly manipulate and customize shopping engine data feeds on demand.

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