Monday, September 21, 2009

iCongo: Virtual Marketer for Enriched Communication

iCongo, Inc., a leading provider of eCommerce and multi-channel systems, has announced the availability of its new Virtual Marketer (VM) module for its eCommerce online systems and as a supplement to the company’s existing E-marketing systems.

VM allows merchants to host virtual events for conducting product demonstrations, seminars, training sessions, two way communications and more, all within their existing customer-facing online environments.

Available under a pay-as-you-go Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model, Virtual Marketer can be inserted as needed in any eCommerce B2C or B2B site. VM presentations can be made available for any length of time, from one day to a week or longer—even indefinitely. Viewers can experience a presentation live or on-demand, giving sponsors a host of options for imparting information, encouraging a sale, or generating leads.

Live and recorded video is supported in VM as well as collateral download libraries containing brochures, images, charts and audio files. During a session, participants and/or customers can be allowed to initiate two-way private or public online conversations with sales or training support specialists via the built-in chatline.

Adding further value to VM is the ability to purchase products within the same iCongo-powered online environment. For example after viewing a retailer’s presentation on BBQ grills with demonstrations from multiple manufacturers, customers can ask questions, make comparisons and immediately click on a specific product brand to make a purchase.

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