Friday, September 11, 2009

CommerceV3, Timberline Interactive Merge

eCommerce platform provider CommerceV3, Pensacola, FL, and online marketing agency Timberline Interactive of Middlebury, VT, today announced a merger.

Blake Ellis, who co-founded CommerceV3 with CV3 President Nathan Focht, will serve as the new president of Timberline. Ellis is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in several Internet start-ups over the years, including CommerceV3, Rails Machine and

"Timberline brings a wealth of experience to the table, especially their work launching sophisticated sites and growing revenue for large merchants with complex needs," says Ellis. "CommerceV3 provides a strong, affordable technical foundation. Together we offer a high octane growth solution to merchants large and small -- a combination you can't find anywhere else in our industry."

"CommerceV3 meets complex customer requirements straight out of the box," says Deb Brisson, Timberline's VP of Software Development. "And when we need to go further, we utilize TI Commerce," a customizable commerce platform built using the Microsoft .NET programming environment. "With CV3 and TI Commerce, we have more technical flexibility than any other provider in the industry, period."

CV3 is known for its integration with a wide variety of direct commerce order management solutions. "This is big news in multi-channel and direct marketing circles," says Scott Weaver of Atlanta-based Colinear Systems, a software firm specializing in order management software. "Anybody who has searched for products on Google and shopped online has probably encountered the work of these two firms without knowing it. They're the folks behind the scenes who make finding products and ordering online a smooth and easy process. This is a great opportunity for their existing customers as well as any merchants who want to thrive on the web."

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