Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sanderson Upgrades StoreVision Solution

Sanderson, the publicly owned UK provider of retail and multichannel management solutions, has successfully installed the latest release of StoreVision at toy retailer Toys ‘N’ Tuck to improve corporate communications, provide specialized business reports, and enhance the in-store experience.

Toys ‘N’ Tuck has used the retail solution from Sanderson to run both their retail stores and head office functions for over three years. By upgrading to the latest release, the business is already benefiting from a number of additional features and functions available within this new version.

The independently owned and run Toys ‘N’ Tuck business comprises four retail stores, a mail order catalog, and an eCommerce division, each selling children’s toys and confectionery. All four stores are located in the Essex area of the UK, as is the central warehouse, where the mail order and eCommerce businesses are based.

Communication between the stores and warehouse has greatly improved since the upgrade, which in turn has enabled the business to deliver enhanced customer service. Inventory transfers have been simplified, with the stores having real-time visibility of stock held across the business; this functionality has both reduced missed sales and enhanced customer service by minimizing out-of-stocks.

Toys ‘N’ Tuck are also benefiting from the customer-facing screens provided by Sanderson. During the Christmas trading period, these screens will play promotional product videos, providing a persuasive vehicle for upselling and cross-selling as well as boosting the in-store customer experience.

Alan Dadswell, Managing Director of Toys ‘N’ Tuck, explained: "The additional features on offer in this latest version have enabled us to significantly improve our operations, both in-store and in the back office. Aside from the improvements in estate communications, the new solution also provides enhanced reporting, enabling the creation of business reports based on live data, which is crucial in managing a business such as this."

David Mahoney, Managing Director, Sanderson RBS, concludes: "I’m proud to report that the entire Toys ‘N’ Tuck estate was upgraded overnight - therefore providing seamless continuity to their operations. Our StoreVision specialists provide on-site training, ensuring that all staff are able to explore and utilize the additional functionality available in this new release, which will help advance the Toys ‘N’ Tuck business."

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