Friday, April 30, 2010

Sterling Adds nuBridges Token Manager for PA-DSS Compliance

nuBridges has announced that Sterling Commerce, an AT&T company, has added support for nuBridges Protect™ Token Manager into its Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, a direct commerce order management and fulfillment solution. Adding this support enables the company’s customers to reduce corporate risk due to security breaches and to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

Available now in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment 9.0, these capabilities also enable the solution to meet Visa’s fifth Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) security mandate requiring all merchants to use a PA-DSS compliant solution before the deadline of July 1, 2010.
“Tokenization is rapidly gaining traction with companies that want to reduce the high costs of PCI DSS compliance and audits, and also the risks that come with collecting and storing large volumes of consumer information”
nuBridges Protect Token Manager, the company’s "Format Preserving Tokenization™" solution, enables Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to use tokens in place of credit card numbers in order to protect consumer data, reduce scope for PCI DSS audits, and to reduce corporate risk due to security breaches.

“The popularity of Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite in the retail industry is growing dramatically as retailers look for ways to optimize their cross-channel selling and fulfillment operations,” said Jim Bengier, global industry executive, Retail, at Sterling Commerce. “Delivering the highest levels of security has always been paramount, especially as we add new mobile apps as access points to the Suite. Adding security capabilities such as those offered by nuBridges enables us to meet our customers’ strictest security requirements.”

Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite is a comprehensive solution for a seamless customer experience across all channels, including in-store, online, catalog, call center and mobile. The suite allows companies to present a tailored buying experience in all the ways they sell—Web, call center, store and field sales—and provides control over the entire fulfillment lifecycle, including order management, transportation and delivery to supply management, returns and settlement. The company also recently launched mobile applications that extend the order and transportation management capabilities of Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to a mobile device.

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Jessica Wine said...

Paymetric also provides a tokenization solution called XiSecure On-Demand. Visit for more information.

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