Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mastering Multinational Search Challenges

Customer experience is at the heart of multichannel marketing. Those serving a multinational market must have an understanding of native spoken language, geography and culture and build this into every step of the program, notes Jimmy McCann, head of search engine optimisation at Search Laboratory, a provider of search engine marketing services, in an article in Direct Commerce.

"Knowledge of regional online habits should also be understood in order to develop appropriate off-page content and links with external platforms. Trends in Germany for example, highlight that Facebook commands less popularity than in other markets, indicating that retailers targeting German customers should consider alternative channels through which to engage.

"Regional and cultural perceptions of what constitutes a quality online presence also vary. Korea for instance, blogging is seen as a fundamental part of any website’s visibility. Accordingly, Naver, Korea’s largest search engine, prioritises blogs created on its own platform over traditional website content, making backlinks from bloggers of particular importance to a search strategy focusing on this market."

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