Friday, May 25, 2007

CommercialWare to Become MICROS-Retail

We learned at the Annual Catalog Conference in Boston earlier this week that CommercialWare, or rather "Datavantage/CommercialWare," a wholly owned subsidiary of MICROS Systems, Inc. and one of the major providers of multi-channel and direct commerce solutions, will be rebranded as "MICROS-Retail."

The first official public announcement of the name change will be made at the Datavantage/CommercialWare User Group meeting in Austin in September, with a major unveiling of the new MICROS-Retail brand at the National Retail Federation show next January in New York.

The CommercialWare Suite of solutions includes:
- CWSerenade
- CWDirect
- CWStore
- CWLocate
- CWCollaborate
- CWData & Analytics
- CWIntegrate
- CWValueCard

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