Monday, June 25, 2007

Stone Edge: #3 Among Top 500 E-tailers.

The Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide lists the order management systems (OMS) used by the 500 largest E-tailers. Of the 500, 167 listed something other than "n/a" or "in-house" for their OMS. Looking at the list below (showing the vendor and number of users listed in the Top 500), it is interesting to note that Stone Edge lands at a very respectable Number 3, behind two giants, Escalate Retail and GSI Commerce. Way to go, Barney!

The entire list is actually quite fascinating, and provides some provocative food for thought:

Escalate Retail: 34
GSI Commerce: 17
Stone Edge Order Manager: 13
CommercialWare: 9
Dydacomp: 6
Oracle: 5
Everest: 4
Sterling Commerce: 4
SAP: 3
ATG: 3
Epicore|CRS: 3
Microsoft Dynamics: 3
NetSuite: 3
Sage: 3
Kewill Systems: 2
Avexxis: 2
Island Pacific: 2
*Amazon Services: 2
Alexander Interactive: 2
OrderMotion: 2
Acadaca Internet Solutions: 2
QuickBooks: 2

41 others had a single user each.

*I am interested in learning what any of you may know about Amazon Services, or what your experiences have been. Please let me know. Thanks.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the analysis! Very interesting. I think this data shows two things - 1) about 2/3rd of the top 500 still use no commercial OMS, and 2) even among the 167 that do, there is clear fragmentation. I think it will be very interesting to overlay sales volume on top of this data. My guess is the picture would look very different for e-tailers > $1b that e-tailers < $100 mill. Can you provide some insight on this?

Ernie Schell said...

Most likely, and obviously, the more expensive systems are in use by the bigger e-tailers. But I haven't examined the data for that. I'd appreciate input from anyone who has.

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