Monday, August 13, 2007

CommercialWare Adds eCommerce

Datavantage/CommercialWare has added eCommerce to its retail solutions portfolio with the acquisition of a 51% interest in the eOne Group, a premier eCommerce solutions provider based in Omaha, NE.

eOne Group and its offerings will be integrated into Datavantage/CommercialWare (which will be renamed MICROS-Retail later this year, as we have already reported). The addition of eOne Group extends CommercialWare's capabilities to offer full support for front-end, customer-facing transactional websites and allows retailers to embrace Web 2.0 and the growth of this channel.

eOneCommerce™ engine and complementary products were developed with open Java architecture, allowing the company to deploy its applications and technology into virtually any enterprise, and perform real-time data access to the customer’s choice of OS/database/hardware platforms. Through the use of a three-tiered application architecture, eOne Group is able to separate the web interface, business logic, and back-end data structures, allowing its solutions to interface with raw data structures, as well as flexibly accommodate existing application processes.

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