Friday, December 12, 2008

PRAIM Systematises Project Management

Glyn Carvill, commercial director at PRIAM, a leading UK-based software vendor of multi-channel order management and fulfilment solutions, and Chris Lowe, PRIAM's web design manager, have qualified as PRINCE2 practitioners.

PRINCE2 is a project management method developed as a UK Government standard for IT project management. (It is now in general the de facto standard for project management in the UK.)

A structured approach, PRINCE2 provides a method for project management within a clearly defined framework. It describes procedures to coordinate people and activities, making sure they finish on budget and on time.

Glyn Carvill notes "It's real progress for PRIAM when I can say I am now one of four PRINCE2 practitioners here. This will definitely help us better control the timings and costs of our projects."

Said Lowe, "A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be so involved in formal project management. I now see it's the best way to deliver quality to our customers."

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