Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hybris introduces Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) with hybris 4.6

hybris software, a global eCommerce solution provider with order management and inventory functionality, is dedicated to enabling commerce for new markets, platforms, devices, and services as well as supporting innovation and agility critical for business success in today's multichannel world. Forward-looking enterprises struggle with fragmented commerce infrastructures, development of mobile apps, enabling customers to buy products via social media, and even selling products on Internet-enabled TVs.

In response, hybris has included Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) in its new 4.6 version release. hybris OCC offers a broad set of commerce and data services which enable you to use and leverage the complete hybris Multichannel Suite functionality anywhere in your or your business partners’ existing application landscape. hybris OCC allows new or existing hybris customers to quickly commerce-enable new touch points and new channels without lengthy and costly IT cycles.

Key benefits of OCC include:
  • Extending your existing commerce infrastructure with plug-and-play integration and adding new touch points, such as smart phones and tablets, without lengthy and IT-intensive programming cycles.
  • Reuse of commerce processes and data to speed and streamline development so you can get innovations to market quickly.
  • Easily making commerce processes and data available to third-party developers to maximize allocation of development resources.
  • Extended SOLR-based search and navigation capabilities to facilitate merchandising to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Google Commerce Search to maximize customer conversions.
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