Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Scary Peek Into Square’s New Privacy Policy

Payment Facilitator has an eye-opening run-down of the changes Square has recently made in its privacy policy for both merchants and their customers. “'These updates provide additional clarity and transparency, making our terms easier to read and understand. We encourage you to review the sections that apply to you, depending on how you engage with Square,' Square said in a Tuesday e-mail blast to customers.

"One document, for example, deals only with those who have applied for a Square account (overwhelmingly merchants) as opposed to consumers. Sometimes, though, a consumer is a direct Square customer but is not acting as a merchant (such as person-to-person transactions transferring money from consumers to consumers, and sometimes a consumer temporarily acts as a merchant (for perhaps a garage sale).

"That raises the prospect that this could prove more complicated because it will require people to read more documents."

Click HERE for the full Payment Facilitator article, and its likely consequences.

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