Tuesday, July 03, 2018

If you thought GDPR was bad – Just wait for ePrivacy Regulation

GDPR (in force since May 25, 2018) has brought many non-EU companies into a pro-active position regarding data protections, there is an even more challenging regulation waiting in the wings -- ePrivacy Regulation or ePR for short.

According to Information Management, "It is intended to provide a single digital data privacy framework under which all companies doing [any] business with EU residents [including a single customer online] must conform, and the penalties are similar to those enforced under the GDPR."

This covers communications data, metadata, telecommunications, online advertising, and the InternetOfThings. As Lisa Loftis notes in the Information Management article, "Another question concerns how to manage the specific consent requirements in today’s high-volume, real-time analytic environments needed for customer experience initiatives. And the big elephant in the room - a significant change to the many on-line businesses that rely on advertisers to provide free services (social media, paid search, etc.)....It is unclear where ePR will land in terms what types of IoT data will eventually be covered, what consent will be needed and what processing can occur. This is an area of significant concern, and many industries are weighing in and watching closely."

For the entire article see http://bit.ly/2KvQswX

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