Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Seevolution Offers Real-time Site Tracking

Seevolution, now in beta, is a real-time analytics, heatmap and alert system that to visualize how visitors are using and interacting with your Website in a movable, transparent overlay. Tracked clicks and scrolling from thousands of visitors are represented visually with overlay heatmaps that display your web page's 'hot spots' as well as links, images or text that receive less attention.

From Mashable

Seeing where visitors are coming from, where they are spending the most time on your site, and why they may or may not navigate away from the site is crucial information for optimizing the user experience.

You also get Web analytics with one click via a tool panel that lays discreetly on the Web page, allowing you to monitor real analytics as it happens without navigating away from the page. Seevolution aggregates visitor behavior data and site trends in real time, so any elements that could be impeding usability are immediately apparent and relayed to you instantly via email.

Within the feed, users are organized into groups according to the behavioral characteristics that you choose: Junk, Lookers, Shoppers and Buyers for eCommerce, for instance. This breakdown provides a clear visual representation of when and where the types of visitors who are most likely to result in a sale or conversion are navigating on your site.

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