Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Widget Benefits from Maginus Multichannel Software

Widget UK Ltd, a fast-growing consumer electronics distributor, saw its business double in three years after it began using IT solutions from Maginus, providers of integrated software solutions for multi-channel retail and distribution companies.

Maginus lets Widget manage business-to-business orders in a single, fully integrated system, enabling the company to buy and stock more efficiently because the solution provides extensive reports on sales and margin by product, season, promotion and customer.

Widget was initially a supplier of third-party products for Psion handheld computers. In 2002 the company became the first distributor to specialise in GPS, and was TomTom’s first distributor in the UK.

The fully-integrated Maginus solution provides purchasing, sales and order processing, accounts, returns, EDI, warehousing and supply chain, white label web sites and reporting, giving Widget a 360° view of its business.According to Mark Needham from Widget, “Customers often call us to find out detailed information regarding their credit, an invoice or a sale. With Maginus the user can easily drill down to get the necessary information. This means customers get detailed information immediately and staff are able to handle calls quicker and more efficiently, improving our customer service offering.

The solution has allowed Widget to improve their processes across the business. While the company’s turnover has doubled, staff numbers have increased by only around 20%.

The technology also helps Widget get money back from suppliers. Needham said, “The market Widget operates in has low margins, hence the need to get supplier rebates through as quickly as possible. Maginus’ technology handles supplier rebates automatically, a process that had to be managed manually before and was very time consuming.”

Going forward the company is looking at implementing business intelligence and data warehousing solutions which will help it assess both trends and market analysis. It also wants to increase flexibility and introduce microsites for specific events.

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