Saturday, October 06, 2012

L.K. Bennett Selects StoreActive

L.K.Bennett has selected retail module StoreActive, part of the ActiveSeries suite from MNP Media Ltd., to provide an integrated in-store ordering platform that delivers Click & Collect/Ship and (very soon) multi-channel returns management.

With a UK network of over 80 stores, L.K.Bennett is an international luxury brand selling women's shoes, ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories.

StoreActive is designed to be tablet-independent or used through browser-based POS, linking the direct channel warehouse inventory to all retail locations to ensure all sale opportunities are captured. The system works by allowing the sales assistant to search for the customer's product requirements using size/color/style and place an order linked to real-time inventory. The customer can then pay via a chip-and-pin credit or debit card, or securely online. The order is then shipped to store, home or work.

MNP’s was selected based on its proven track record of high-volume order processing together with its experience in multi-channel retail both in UK and overseas. L.K.Bennett has also selected MNP to provide ActiveSeries ERP for their direct channel based in the USA.

Pierre D’Arbost, Managing Director, MNP commented, “As retailers are moving into omni-channel  sales, we must ensure that sales platforms can be easily integrated to satisfy the demands of retail customers. We bridge the gap between retail and online for our clients.”

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