Friday, June 05, 2009

Catalog Success Now ROI

Catalog Success magazine has revamped and rebranded itself to become "All About ROI" (Retail, Online, Integration) magazine.

Quoting from its first issue: "The lines between retail, catalog, Web, brand merchandising and wholesaling have become blurrier than ever before. The catalog business, as its own separate entity, can’t stand on its own any longer.

"So we decided to reinvent the wheel and focus heavily on integrating all the sales channels....All About ROI is 110 percent in sync with what’s going on in the overall retail market. It's in no way a knee-jerk reaction to the current state of the economy."

I agree with the observations and intention, and believe the magazine can be a success. But I also still see huge "cultural" differences between the verticals, which leads to very different priorities and views of the world. This is a "United Nations" kind of effort, and I do wish them every success (they will be running my eCommerce Solutions overview article in the September issue, by the way...).


MineThatData said...

A person could write an entire publication on the cultural differences between verticals/channels!

Ernie Schell said...

Which is what ROI is certainly going to do.

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