Thursday, July 02, 2009

StrongMail Acquires PopularMedia

StrongMail Systems, Inc. has acquired PopularMedia, a provider of social media marketing solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed, according to Direct magazine.

PopularMedia helps marketers leverage the viral nature of email and social networks in a way that is both trackable and measureable. The acquisition will allow StrongMail to provide integrated e-mail and social network campaigns.

"StrongMail's acquisition of PopularMedia puts the marketer in a powerful position to fully leverage the potential of social media in a way that is both measureable and fully integrated with their email marketing programs," said Sam Cece, CEO of StrongMail Systems, in a statement quoted by Direct.

Cece continued, "By enabling marketers to create viral campaigns that they can monitor and optimize based on response rates, StrongMail is going way beyond the simple 'share to social' functionality that is offered today by most email service providers."

"With the symbiotic relationship between email and social media allowing each to fuel the other, PopularMedia's solutions are a natural fit for StrongMail's customers, and we are happy to be joining their talented team," said Jim Calhoun, CEO of PopularMedia, in a statement.

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