Friday, March 05, 2010

Cadre Technologies Issues Event-Management System for WMS

As reported in SupplyChain Brain, Cadre Technologies, a provider of supply-chain management software for the fulfillment, logistics and manufacturing industries, has developed the Cadre Event Management System (CEMS), an event-driven engine which permits users to make site-specific modifications as part of version 3.6 of the Cadence warehouse-management system (WMS).

CEMS was implemented as a standard Cadence user interface to create, manage, deploy and monitor configured events within the Cadence WMS. Users can extend standard functions within the application based on specific client or customer requirements, and can create standard Microsoft SQL Service database triggers to launch desired events, such as advance ship notices when trucks departs the dock. They can broadcast to customer-configured “listeners” to interpret system events and act upon them. And they can configure listeners using standard Microsoft SQL statements to one or multiple actions for each event, based on the complexity of the client or customer request.

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